The Bombora got its name from Sydney’s Queens Cliff Bombora, and has been shaped for use in smaller fun days and for extra adventurous larger days. Surfers of the 60’s and 70’s like Greg Knoll used to ride boards similar to this one out at Waimea and places like Queens Cliff Bombora, it is most humbling to think of their skill with these boards. Also testament to how diverse this particular shape is. The Bombora comes with a single fin with clear, Volan glass, or Resin Tint. Fabric In-lays come at additional costs. Prices quoted for the boards are for Single tint only, added Resin Tints, fabrics and Volan glassing come with additional costs.
Dimensions : 9’2 X 23 X 2 ¾
Shape : 60’s Log
Nose : Concave or Vee
Tail : Slight Vee
Tail Shape : Round Pin or Square Tail.
Rail : 50- 50
Fins : Single 1