The Sea Gypsy is a single-fin drifta (2+1) with a double concave bottom. This board starts at 5’7" and goes up to a 7’6", we do in-between sizes so please contact us for more info. Dave Rastovich recently won the Surfing Champion Trophy, 2014 Single Fin event on a 5’10 Sea Gypsy.
This mid-sized board is made for having a lot of fun. If your looking for an all-rounder she’s the one. Made to ride in large or small surf tested in Australia, Hawaii and Indonesia. Great for beachies and points. Prices quoted for the boards are for Single color resin tint, added Resin Tints, fabrics and Volan glassing come with additional costs. Made to order, get one now and get more waves!
Dimensions : 5’7'' to 7'6''
Shape : Old School
Nose : Single Concave
Tail : Deep single double
Tail Shape : Pin Tail
Rail : Medium Hard
Fins : 2+1