Wanderer comes with or without Six Channels, it is a premium high performance craft. You can’t beat a good old trusty tri fin 6 channel. During my professional surfing career I was influenced a lot by Rod Dahlberg and his incredible channel bottoms. I have taken these concepts and strengths into my design and development of the Wanderer, which is built to travel with you where ever you may go.
Be it your local beachies or the pristine waters of the Indian ocean the Wanderer is your trusty performance craft. New boards come with our with out channels, and a set of fins. Prices quoted for the boards are for Single color resin tint, added Resin Tints, fabrics and Volan glassing come with additional costs. Dimensions :5’4'' to 6'4''
Shape : Indo Area Pin, Slightly wider nose
Nose : Slight Vee
Tail : Single concave, Channel Bottom
Tail : Round Pin.
Rail : Soft
Fins : 3