4 new models by Joel FITZGERALD

Here are 4 new models, first a GUN for the big wave : the Sky Bird
The Sky Bird triple stringer gun,  took much preparation, research, and development to craft. All the finest elements of design came together to make this unique big wave board. 

And : the Wanderer
Wanderer comes with or without Six Channels, it is a premium high performance craft. You can’t beat a good old trusty tri fin 6 channel !

The ML:42
The ML:42 is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and every wave in between. Created after a trip to inner limits of pure bliss and extra ordinary fun, shape shifter Joel Fitz has come up with another unique craft built for your gliding pleasure.

And for the last one the Bombora
The Bombora got its name from Sydney’s Queens Cliff Bombora, and has been shaped for use in smaller fun days and for extra adventurous larger days.

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