Welcome on the Joel Fitzgerald surfboards website, surfer and shaper
from  the Northern Beaches of New South Wales Australia. .

Joel Fitzgerald was born and raised on the Northern Beaches of New South Wales Australia.
He grew up in the Hot Buttered shaping bay ran by his father Terry Fitzgerald an learned to surf at North Narrabeen along side his brothers Kye and Liam Fitzgerald.

After traveling the world surfing on the professional tour with a career spanning over 20 years, Joel now enjoys shaping surfboards and exploring new waves.

 Joel is known amongst his respected peers and fellow shapers as an innovator and talented surfboard craftsman. He shapes, surfs and lives in
Byron Bay with his wife, surfing companion and business partner Chrystal Dawn Fitzgerald.
Each board is hand crafted with care by Joel for your  enjoyment. He can help you decide which Board is right for you, an is always happy to have a chat.


Joel FITZGERALD come at the UWL factory at the mid of JULY 2019
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